Our office offers comprehensive family law services, including the following:


Issues that may be settled in connection with a divorce include property division and valuation, spousal and child support, and child custody.

Our office has substantial experience working with families across the economic spectrum. Frisco Fayer has assisted multiple clients whose net worth exceeds one billion dollars and is familiar with the needs of high-profile clients. He is experienced working through complicated business, investment and taxation issues with his clients. Frisco is also familiar with the emotional issues that are inevitably intertwined with divorce proceedings.  Frisco offers his clients both a deep understanding of the law and a human-centered approach to the process of divorce.


We believe that the intense emotional issues must be acknowledged in order to have a chance of preserving some level of mutual respect and understanding.


Our office is unusual in its simultaneous competency with complex financial matters and our understanding of the intense emotional issues attendant to divorce proceedings. Where many lawyers will simply ignore the emotional issues that drive divorce litigation, we believe that these issues must at a minimum be acknowledged in order for the parties to the proceeding to have a chance of preserving some level of mutual respect and understanding after the proceeding has been completed. Couples who have completed a divorce and worked through some of their underlying emotional issues generally find that they have an increased capacity to relate to one another, which is particularly important when children are involved.


More and more couples are turning to mediation to resolve their divorces or related family law issues.  Mediation offers couples the opportunity to avoid the full-scale war that can develop if family law matters are litigated. For more information regarding mediation and litigation please see our Process page. 


We can assist with preparing both premarital and postmarital agreements. Every couple that gets married is agreeing to abide by a set of rules that will apply to their marriage. The default rules are designed to be “fair” for a young couple who marry and build a life together. Many couples decide that they want a different set of rules to apply to their marriage and as a result they may decide to enter into a premarital or postmarital agreement.


After a divorce is completed a former spouse may need to return to court to obtain modification of the judgment provisions. Both child and spousal support provisions may need to be adjusted to meet the evolving lives of former spouses. Support levels can be increased or decreased depending on the circumstances.


California law provides that victims of domestic abuse can obtain “stay away” orders to keep perpetrators away from their victims.


Generally, Courts will resolve custody matters by attempting to determine what is “in the best interests” of the child. This rather nebulous standard means that different judges will often decide the same issue in different ways, often leading to custody fights which have a high potential to have a long lasting negative impact on children. As a result, parents are encouraged to work to reach an agreement with their former spouse whenever possible.


A custody agreement will resolve issues of both physical custody and legal custody. 


A custody agreement will resolve issues of both physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is the arrangement that is reached regarding the in-person care and time spent with the child. Legal custody issues determine which parent(s) has or have the right to make decisions regarding the child’s welfare, including healthcare, education and religion.